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  • Active Joy
    Active Joy

    Seamless Playtime

    Enjoy carefree play with our safe, tested interactive dog toys, ensuring endless joy and security.

  • Innovative Features
    Innovative Features

    Canine Cognition

    To elevate your dog's cognition and pet wellbeing, covering their mental and physical aspects.

  • Hound Technology
    Hound Technology

    Dugadox Material

    Weave resilient technology for dependable performance you can rely on.

  • Mastery Access
    Mastery Access

    Training Resources

    Build a happy connection with your dog through our easy-to-learn dog training methods.


Herding Ball

Herding Ball
Herding Bball

Herding Ball

An interactive dog toy for exercise & mental stimulation, fulfilling your pet's needs.

An urban herding toy for mental stimulation and exercise, meeting your dog's natural instincts.
Get Herding!
A scent training for dogs kit with six anise-scented pouches, sniff toys, and five fun games.
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Herding Ball With Dog

Race To Ignite The Joy & Herd The Excitement!

Testing Dynamo, Dinky Approved! Discover Our Technology
Race To Ignite The Joy

Race To Ignite The Joy & Herd The Excitement!

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Boost Joy & Health

Ignite your pet's enthusiasm and well-being with dynamic toys that promote active play and physical fitness.

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Stimulate the Mind

Spark your pet's cognitive abilities with engaging toys designed to challenge and enrich their mental faculties.

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Boredom Buster

Banish ennui with our interactive toys that ensure endless entertainment and mental stimulation for your furry friend.

Testing Dynamo, Dinky Approved! Discover Our Technology

100,000 Joyful Paws and Counting!

2035 reviews

  • Dog loves it

    My overly energetic 1y/o golden loves it. I inflated a bit more than it said so the cover fits tighter. Otherwise my dog would try to chew. It's held up great.
    Herding Ball


  • My Border Collie/Lab loves it!

    Well worth the money I spent on this for our dog! Keeps him entertained in the back yard when we can’t, definitely helps release some of that energy 😂
    Herding Ball

    Priscilla G

  • What a neat idea!

    This is a unique toy idea and really nice! My dogs find it interesting and fun to play with too! It takes them awhile to undo the knot and find the yummies inside!
    Knotty Ball Snuffle Ball

    Priscilla G

  • Training and fun tool for dogs

    Perfect for hide and seek with my dog. Great for sniffing out and brain games. She loves it. Well made too. I like that it comes in a tin and helpful guide.
    Sniff and Seek Dog

    Priscilla G

  • Great quality

    10/10 best purchase for my dogs. I have two Australian shepherds and they love it.
    Herding Ball

    Amazon C.

  • Happy Boy!!!!

    Can’t even explain how much my boy loves this!!! He was supervised the whole time and corrected for biting but no rips or tears or damage from a 90 lb lab and all his friends for an hour of play time.
    Herding Ball


Frequently Asked Questions

What are interactive dog toys and how do they benefit my pet?

Interactive dog toys engage your pet in play that stimulates their mind, promotes physical activity, and can improve overall pet wellbeing by reducing anxiety and boredom.

How can dog training toys from Race and Herd enhance my pet's learning?

Our toys are designed to reinforce positive behaviour and assist in teaching new commands, making dog training enjoyable and effective.

What is urban herding, and do you offer toys suitable for this activity?

Urban herding refers to activities that mimic herding behaviour for dogs in non-rural settings. Our selection includes toys that encourage these natural instincts.

Can your toys help with my dog's boredom?

Yes, our toys are specifically designed as boredom busters, keeping your dog engaged and entertained for hours.

How do I choose the right interactive toy for my dog's size and breed?

Consider your dog's size, chew strength, and interests. Our product descriptions provide recommendations to help you choose the perfect toy.

Are Race and Herd toys safe for all dogs?

Safety is our top priority. Our toys are made from high-quality, durable materials suitable for pets, but we always recommend supervising your pet during play.

Can interactive toys from Race and Herd help with my dog's anxiety?

Yes, engaging your dog in play can alleviate anxiety by providing mental stimulation and physical exercise, redirecting their energy positively.

What makes Race and Herd's toys different from other pet toys on the market?

Our focus on pet wellbeing, innovative design, and durability sets our toys apart, offering unique solutions for play and training.

How often should I introduce new toys to my pet's routine?

Regularly introducing new toys can keep your pet's interest high and prevent boredom. We suggest rotating toys to keep playtime exciting and new.

How can I ensure the toys I choose are safe for my dog?

Look for toys made from non-toxic materials, appropriate for your dog's size and chew strength, and always supervise initial play sessions.